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Vinyl Kitchen and Bathroom Doors and Panels

Vinyl Kitchen with Redgum timber benchtop

Thermo laminated Cabinet / Kitchen Doors (Vinyl)

Our Thermo-laminated cupboard doors and panels are backed by a 7 year guarantee against delaminating when installed & maintained according to our manufacturing guidelines.

Heat Deflector Installation- Kitchen Doors

We have invested in the latest technical advances in adhesive that is applied directly to the vinyl film. The adhesive is non water based therefore providing the highest quality bonding on the market.

Recent testing at RMIT has confirmed its durability and adhesive qualities. Bemis adhesive will lead standards in Thermo– laminated cupboard door production.

Vinyl doors are made from quality profiled 18mm moisture resistant MDF (Medium Density Fibre) and vacuumed formed on the face and edge with durable, stylish vinyl that will impress and provide a lasting finish.

A Splash of Colour

Clover Doors uses only the best vinyl. Our vinyl suppliers stock reputable brands such as

Bonlex and LG.

With a great colour range and your choice of texture, grainwood, matt or high gloss finishes your kitchen will soon come to life.

Designs of Distinction

We have a cabinet door designs to suit your every look and feel .

We offer four series of door designs; Bronze Range - Series 1, Silver Range Series 2, Gold Range- Series 3 and Premier Range- Series 4.

Pricing reflects the details in the design components for each Door Series.

Price Lists

To obtain the lastest price list for our solid timber cabinet doors, bench tops or vinyl doors please complete the Contact Form.

How To Order

The Order Form will be uploaded shortly but in the mean time use our Contact Form or Email [email protected]